You Have No Business Running for President if You Can’t take care of your spouse

We have no social contract with presidential spouses…
The constitution or Ghanaians are not against women and if women assume the position of a president, they shall enjoy all benefits due them.

Our current constitutional structure does not pose any impediment on the way of women.

Women must muster the courage to contest positions that would earn them all the privileges…

It is man’s responsibility to cater for the home and their income must be used to run the home by the dictates of our customs.

What portfolio does presidential spouses occupy to warrant monthly salaries.

It is a surreptitious attempt to pile burden on the national purse as we are currently bedeviled with.

Our energies should be channeled to ensuring equal opportunities for all and building sustainable economy that would curb unemployment which remains one of the catastrophies of our insipid forward march.

The political class must not always use executive fiat and obnoxious laws to fleece from the state as they continue to render the citizens unimportant but benefit lavishly the largesse of the state at the detriment of voters.

This bad decision has generated public uproar and it is instructive to note that even some members of government who reason beyond partisan political interest have registered their displeasure.

A country that borrows to pay salaries and loans have no moral right to burden the national purse with unreasonable demands.

A country that is unable to raise revenue to meet expenditure is not worth spending recklessly to things that doesn’t add up to improving the fortunes of the country.

We are debt ridden and such decisions is a clear indication of an unthinking leadership.

Ghanaians deserve better.

Serve us with honesty as you chiefly propound in opposition. If presidents cannot take care of their spouses albeit all the opportunities before them, they have no business running for office.

Robert Dambo

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