#2020polls: Group volunteers to bankroll re-collation of ballots

A group calling itself Democratic Forum has offered to pay for the cost of the recount of all the ballots of the just-ended presidential and parliamentary elections if the Electoral Commission (EC) agrees to carry out that exercise.

The group said its decision to bankroll the exercise is aimed at putting an end to the growing tension in the country.

Speaking in an interview with Kofi Oppong Asamoah on 12 Live on Class 91.3FM on Tuesday, 22 December 2020, the Executive Director of the Group, Dr Frank Amoakohene, noted that there is increasing tension in the country due to the pockets of demonstrations being staged by the main opposition National Democratic Congress in connection with the disputed election results.

Dr Amoakohene said: “As a country, at this moment in our lives, we’re at a crossroads and that crossroads would not only determine our present moves but also the future of the generation even unborn”.

“There’s increasing tension and rising tension and unrest in the country and this is just not localised at a particular point”, he said, adding: “Almost across all constituencies, there are protests which, today, even the Minority in Parliament walked to the EC’s office, which also led to another confrontation”.

He said “as of now, we have lost 5 souls including an 18-year-old, which is so worrying because a single soul can never be replaced no matter the cost.”

He indicated that after investigations conducted by his outfit, it was discovered that the reason for the unrest hinges on a re-collation of the ballots.

“We have taken time to investigate and then delved into the issues surrounding this unrest and it’s an issue of mathematics, it is not a legal issue, it is an issue of mathematics and being able to add figures together for everyone to have an understanding and having to agree to move forward and this is exactly what I think we need to do”.

“The EC is unwilling, from our checks, to conduct [a] re-collation [exercise] of these results and finances, we know, definitely play a major role when it comes to having to put out all these human resources out there to do a collation.

“But we believe that no amount of money is worth our peace, no amount of money is worth our democracy,” Dr Amoakohene stated.

He called on the EC to consider its proposal and put together all the stakeholders to do a re-collation in order to put an end to the increasing tension in the country.

Dr Amoakohene said: “That’s why we have offered that to put to rest all this hullabaloo, let’s have a move. We’re providing the funding, the EC should sit all the stakeholders around the table, let’s agree, constituency by constituency, let’s all have our calculators on the table, let’s punch our figures, at the end of the day, whoever lost, whoever won will have a clear mind and then we can have a rest so far as the post-electoral issues are concerned”.

“We have sent a petition to the EC that we’re willing to provide funding for that exercise and I’m sure if the EC will give in and will heed our advice, we can get all these things settled”, Dr Amoakohene added.

Source: Class FM

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