2Face has been suffering Domestic Violence – Insider Narrates Different Times Annie has Violently Attacked Him

Nigerian singer 2Face Idibia has reportedly been suffering domestic violence at the hands of his wife, Annie Idibia.

A social media user claiming to have information about the couple has been dropping info about their marital issues.

According to her, Annie has assaulted 2Face numerous times and even hit him with a fire extinguisher on one occasion.

She claims the assault is all over her suspicions that 2Face is cheating on her with Pero.

The Insta user, __trapselena_, posted about a few times Annie assaulted 2Baba.

“Annie I thought you posted that everything is okay with you and 2Face. Why were you raving mad yesterday in the house to the extent that soldiers came to separate fight?

“That’s how you split his head with a fire extinguisher at Uncle Hosa’s hotel in Asokoro. How you trashed a room in Wells Carlton, breaking tv and mirror because you are fighting him for paying too much attention to Pero. Everything with you is violence,” she said.

She trolled Annie for sleeping with a married man but now fighting heaven and earth because someone is sleeping with her husband.

“Annie…he who lives by the sword doesn’t allow anybody with even ordinary knife to pass behind him. When you were sleeping with Sylvia Edem’s husband, you didn’t know they will sleep with your own too?”

Annie Idibia and 2Face are going through some marital strife at the moment. We thought they had solved their issues but apparently, 2Face is being assaulted behind closed doors.

We await any response from the couple and see what they have to say.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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