4 Signs it’s Time for a New Pair of Men’s Underwear

Most people keep things like underwear around until they’re absolutely destroyed and at that point they’re nothing but rags. Isn’t there something so nice about a new pair of underwear? They fit better and aren’t falling apart like some of your older pairs. Here are four signs that it’s time for a new pair of men’s underwear. 


Yes holes gentlemen. We are not talking about the necessary hole in the front. We are talking about those holes that have developed from many uses and deterioration of fabric. 

Men sometimes hold onto their lucky pair of underwear for as long as they can. These underwear are usually very comfortable for them and they don’t care. 

Regardless, you never know when you’re going to get lucky. 

Some of you may have even experienced that moment when you are about to reveal those underwear and remember, “oh yeah there’s a hole in my underwear”.

Don’t let this happen to you gentlemen. It’s time to re-up your underwear collection. 

Throw those super worn underwear away no matter how comfortable and attached you are to them. 

It’s time to become a big boy and put your new big boy men’s underwear on. Your future self will thank you.

Faded Colors

Do not worry. Most likely you’re not alone when it comes to having a pair of faded colored underwear in your drawer. 

Let’s be honest it happens. When this moment comes it’s time to get yourself a new pair of underwear. 

Don’t be lazy like most men and just let this happen and develop a collection of faded underwear. 

You may say to yourself well you’ve got plenty of pairs of underwear and that there is no need for new underwear. 

After all, just because your colors are faded your underwear still works, right? No. The answer is no. 

It’s 2020 and it’s time to get with the times. Underwear is quite possibly the sexiest piece of clothing a man has. That is of course right behind a custom tailored sexy suit. 

Can you imagine taking off a strikingly dapper suit in front of your new girlfriend to get intimate only to reveal a faded pair of underwear? 

It’s time to get the hint, faded underwear is not sexy. If you’re packing faded colored underwear in your drawer it’s time to burn them or at least throw them away.


With many different companies emerging in the fashion world there are so many choices when it comes to men’s underwear. 

It’s not the 1990s anymore fellas. Nor is it the early 2000’s. So if you happen to have found yourself fallen into the gap we are throwing you a rope. 

Grab the rope, pull yourself out and start looking for the newest, latest and hottest trends in underwear. 

Your significant other will be thanking you for bridging the gap in this department. 

Many men wear their underwear labels just outside of their pants. It’s a great way to peacock your sexy side and let her know what you’re packing. A super sexy and fashionable underwear. 

Now go get on that pull up bar and “accidentally” show her your latest pair of undies. Wear a new sexy brand and she’ll be loving this new mystery man.


With new innovations in materials and technology underwear has become the most comfortable it’s ever been. 

Men’s underwear now uses synthetic fabrics like nylon, lycra, and polyester. These fabrics allow for much more breathing down there. 

They also offer more space and comfort. Some of the men’s underwear on the market are made so that you don’t even feel like you’re wearing underwear. 

These men’s underwear are particularly great for those men who are super active. 

If you find yourself working out more than three days a week you may want to look into investing in a great pair of these comfortable underwear. 

Many athleisure companies are now making underwear specifically for working out. However these underwear are great for everyday occasions. 

Stop walking around in those tight uncomfortable sweaty cotton underwear. 

It’s time to upgrade and become the leading man. It all starts with the underwear.

Source: Krisna Garcia (Guest Contributor)

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