40 in court over failure to use Adentan-Madina footbridges

The Adentan-Madina Police on Wednesday arraigned about 40 people before the Madina court for failing to use the Adentan-Madina footbridges.

The court charged the offenders for refusing to abide by road traffic regulations.

A resident, Nana Abbiem, who was in court on Wednesday, disclosed on Adom FMs’s morning show Dwaso Nsem Thursday, that some pedestrians were fined GH¢ 50.00 while others were cautioned.

He said those who were not called during the court proceedings on Wednesday were ordered by the judge to leave their phones with the court and return on Thursday to await their sentence.

Mr Abbiem said they were conveyed in a police pickup to the court premises and are expected in court on Thursday.

The footbridges were built following a massive demonstration in the area after residents blamed several pedestrian knockdowns on the unavailability of the bridges.

However, after months of completing the footbridges, Adom News’ Mubarak Yakubu, reporting from the Adentan-Madina highway said some residents were still crossing the highway instead of using the footbridges.


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