5 Hacks for Brighter Skin and Brighter Days

Everyone is just itching for this pandemic to end. We all just can’t wait for this worldwide crisis to be over and get back to our mundane and uneventful pre-pandemic lives. I don’t know about you, but I would prefer most of my days to be boring, to me having to take extra precautions, look over my shoulder every time, and miss out on normal activities just to avoid catching COVID-19. Everyone has just had it with this virus.

Even our skin is fed up with all of this. Stress obviously does take a toll on our largest organ, and seeing ourselves in the mirror looking less than ideal doesn’t help us feel any better either. Making an effort to look good is a form of self-care. It’s not superficial at all, because it also means taking care of our overall wellness—of our bodies inside-out. Read on for these simple steps towards healthier skin and better days.

1. Maintain a healthy diet.

I have to agree with the age-old saying. Beauty is indeed on the inside—figuratively and literally. What you put in your body reflects how you look on the outside. You can’t just stuff your face with fast food and sweets 24/7 and expect yourself to look like a teenage supermodel, can you? Nourishing yourself by eating healthy meals doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems. There are many immune-boosting superfoods that can easily be bought from your local supermarket just as easily as it is to incorporate them into your everyday meal preps.

2. Get some sun and fresh air.

It’s no secret that breathing your biome works wonders. With most of us stuck in the city while observing safety protocols against the virus, soaking up Mother Nature requires a lot more effort than it used to. Going on a trip nowadays entails meticulous planning and higher-than-usual expenses. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get your daily dose of vitamin D. Something as simple as taking a walk or doing some jogging every morning can instantly improve your mood. It also has multiple health benefits if you take it upon yourself to do it regularly.

3. Be a glow-getter.

We all want to know where the fountain of youth is so we can get a lifetime supply of drinking water. Fresh, youthful, glowing skin will never go out of style. But for those with dry skin—which is a pretty common skin problem—achieving this doesn’t exactly sound effortless. Sometimes, it can feel so out of reach that we don’t even attempt to try. We often don’t know where to start, and it can get really intimidating. Take the first step towards the skin you’ve always wanted by knowing and understanding the problem. The key is to really hydrate yourself in every way you can and stick to a regimen. No matter how complex and specific your skin needs are, there will always be a personalized routine that can work for you.

4. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

When people with beautiful skin are asked for tips on how to achieve it, drinking a lot of water will always be one of them. Getting enough water daily is probably the most popular beauty secret. It’s also so easy to do. Not only does it hydrate your body to improve the function of our organs, but it also uplifts our mood and helps make our skin look young and supple.

5. Stay updated.

Thanks to technology, it has been so easy for us to find ways to develop any aspect of our lives. So much information on self-improvement and health is at our fingertips. It has its pros and cons, though. Yes, everything is just so accessible. But it can indeed get overwhelming and confusing. A more efficient way to go about it is to have your go-to apps when it comes to health and wellness. You will surely save more time and effort, and be able to actually work on yourself and work towards your goals because everything is already collated for you.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

There is no shortage of social media celebrities, influencers, gurus, vloggers, and the like. While most of them aim to inspire and motivate, some of us can’t help comparing ourselves to unrealistic ideals. Their lifestyles and physical appearances–more often than not, curated for the sole purpose of “The Gram”–can leave us feeling inadequate and envious. But just always know that not everything we see is real. For instance, it takes no more than two minutes to transform a Plain Jane into a Bella Hadid with an app—it doesn’t even have to be Photoshop. Plus these celebrities always have the best plastic surgeons, makeup artists, stylists, fitness coaches, and a whole team at their disposal.

6. Love yourself.

Think about your best attributes, what you are good at, and remind yourself that you are enough. You are capable. You are loved. You are worthy. These self-affirmations help a lot in working towards being your best self. Practice talking to yourself in a kinder and more supportive way. Ditch the self-deprecating language, and transform your mindset into a more positive one. Notice how these affirmations give you a brighter outlook in life and better days ahead.

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