50, 000 NDC Members Make Suggestions Towards Future of The Party

A total of about 50,000 members of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC) are said to have made suggestions on ways to securing the future of the party.

These suggestions by these members were collected at a forum to brainstorm on the way forward of the party which was held over the weekend by some senior leading members of the party who are primarily cadres who saw the birth of the NDC in 1992.

The cadres are a former Presidential aspirant, Mr GoosieTanoh, a former Defence Minister , Dr. Benjamin Kunbour, a former Ghana’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, Mr Dan Abodakpi, a former Information Minister, Mr Fritz Baffour and a host of others.

The forum which was christened the PEOPLE’S FORUM, was under the theme: Securing the Future of the NDC.

These suggestions which are said to be frank and respectful, is contained in a communiqué which was issued at the end of the event which was held on April 17, 2021 at the Rotary Club House in Tema.

The suggestions which dovetailed into the problems of the party, found out that there is a breakdown in party structures at the grassroots level, which makes it impossible for party leadership to hear the needs and aspirations of the party members at that level.

The communiqué which was issued and signed by four cadre groups, also said it analysis has been confirmed to show that the party is suffering from a situation which has led to the members at the grassroots level to be disempowered.

A particular group of the cadres was the Cadres and NDC Activist ( CANA) which is led by a former Eastern regional Minister, Mr Antwi Boasiako Sekyere.

This disempowerment, the communiqué explains, has led to the situation where ordinary members cannot hold their leaders accountable.

“The silence of branches means that the only voices Party Leadership hears are those of (largely foreign) economic and social elites whose interests are not aligned with ordinary Ghanaians”, the communiqué stressed.

But in all of these, the Forum affirmed that it is unshakeable in its belief that the Party can turn the situation around by investing in a planned and sustained re-engagement with branch members.

Last Saturday’s Forum which saw Mr Tanoh, Mr Abodakpi, Ms. Ebi Bright and Dr. Kunbour addressing the Forum, generated some reactions from the general public, particularly current crop of NDC members.

These reactions the communiqué noted includes angry ones and constructive criticisms which it say, has taken to heart which will inform future activities.

“There have been some unfortunate angry reactions. We, of course, would never respond in kind”, it added.

In the midst of this angry reactions are what the communiqué says are some misinformation it wish to correct.

“First, we did indeed invited Party Leadership to attend and to address the gathering. We received no response. We will continue to reach out to our Leaders and seek their support and participation in our Forums.

Second, no one has used our platform to launch any personal attacks or false accusations. We would not tolerate this. We take a position of collective responsibility for the state of our Party today – and it’s future. Those who are reading personal agendas into this are sadly mistaken”, the communiqué pointed out.

Source: Patrick Biddah/theheraldghana.com

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