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6 Steps To Write Good Web Texts

When you have a responsive website and have inserted your business into the social networks where your audience is, the question arises: how do you write good texts to post on these channels? 

Today we bring tips to make you feel safer at the time of writing, and to know how to evaluate the texts which you write to yourself, more critically, always seeking improvements.

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1 – Be interesting when writing good web texts

The first step in making a good text is to make it interesting. That means speaking what the public expects you to say. For this you need to know your customers, partners, suppliers and employees well. Understand what they do and what they read. Attend the same environments – virtual or physical – that they usually attend and capture the essence that captivates them. After this is done, it’s time to pass on this essence to the text.

2 – Be straight to the point

Research shows that you need to be direct if you want to win the reader’s attention. Begin in the first paragraph to answer the question you proposed in the title. If you start to overwrap, your text becomes uninteresting and can easily be overlooked. Avoid using buzzwords, clichés, and repetitive terms. Find these terms within your segment and avoid them. Also avoid the words “but nevertheless” and, if possible, do not abuse adverbs and exclamation marks.

3 – Be kind

Just because the text is yours, it doesn’t have to be totally about you. Add interesting information from research or other texts dealing with the same topic as you. In addition to giving a friendly image, by doing so you contribute to your text being found by the search engines. Google, for example, values ​​texts with hyperlinks to other websites.

4 – Be appropriate

You have probably read some guides about writing on the web, talking about the optimal text size for each type of social network. Not that these guides are wrong, but they need to be carefully evaluated. What it has been proven – and on many occasions the text attracts reading when it goes straight to the point of interest of that audience. And it is independent of size. 

The theme, how to structure it and how to approach it by choosing the right words to make your content read.  

5 – Be assertive in your texts

Making mistakes is common. It is difficult to write good web texts completely error free. The problem is publishing a text with these errors. When you do that, you get the impression of: lack of organization, lack of interest, lack of knowledge. Planning is an ally of well-written texts. The rereading and revision, too. Ideally, you should have a professional to assist with this review. It is less risky and more effective.

6 – Learn how to curate well

As scarce as your time is, never stop reading. The curator consists of always reading about the area in question. You can start by following the profiles and blogs of major icons of the market in question. Evaluate what they publish, what they share. Another tip is to follow groups and forums where your customers are, to check what are the most common questions they have about your business, the market and the products or services you offer.

By following trends and audience needs, you can think of great writing topics. And that meets their interests and needs.

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