7 Amazing facts about your dog’s love

Your dog loves you! You still doubt it? No kidding! Look at him carefully, and you’ll see it in his behavior!
Dog’s love and loyalty are our certitude. But what would it be for a feeling that does not turn out to be?

We collect his manifestations, regardless of scientists explaining everything to dog nature. Who would listen to them when emotions come into play! Meet 7 Evidence of Dog Love. For more information Smart Dog Lover will helps you.

This is how dogs love us!

1. Kisses Not Only Valentine’s
The tongue licking us on the face is such an animal kiss. The simplest manifestation of love! Cynics say that the dogs most often lick us, because they sense the salty sweat on the skin, which simply tastes to them.

They also use subordinate, submissive dogs more often. Recognize that in this way they will show us their lower position. But do we have to get rid of illusions? Just take note that dogs love owners, even when they sweat or…when they rule.

2. Hugs
How to show love without words? Cudging – it’s clear! Many dogs enjoy direct contact with their master and hug or fall on his knees. But the greatest impression is caused by the desire to hug a man in a dog after the passages, which he had no confidence in people until now. The first shy attempt to cling to the owner moves to tears.

But not all cuddles give our friends joy, it’s a very individual thing. Certainly, you can not immobilize your pet completely, because restricting your movements may cause panic. Let the dog decide how the cuddly should look.

3. Bed Games
For dogs, there is nothing more natural than sleeping in a flock. They feel emotionally connected with us, so they consider it a necessity. And when your pet is found on the bed, it will arrange the most comfortable spank.

Big dog easier to get the desired effect: it is enough to lay down along the sleeping man, wait a moment, then slowly pull the paws and push it aside (and sometimes push out of bed). Small dogs do not use force, but cunning: this will nudge us with our noses, so that we can move, and that will take care of the pillow.

Of course, some owners do not appreciate such a manifestation of love, which is occupying a common den, so they forbid their pets to enter the couch. Hm – who said that dog owners are divided into those who sleep with their dogs, and those who do not admit it?

Much in this matter. There are masters in the dog community sneaking into the bed of a sleeping man and escaping before he wakes up. In a word: no one is safe!

4. A Piece Of The Lady For Yourself
Where is my slipper again? Of course, as usual: he is in the dog’s lair ! When the dog is young, he steals our things to make them into chips, that’s his nature. But it happens that adult dogs take the owner’s belongings to lie on them or hug them. There is no used shirt or shoe!

This special kind of kleptomania allows the dog in love with us, it’s easier to endure loneliness. Although we are not here, our fragrance accompanies him and calms him down. For this expression of love you can not get angry …

5. Appealing Against Nature
The cat is often good for us and shares with us a hunted mouse that we find on the doormat. But a dog? For him, sharing the prey is not natural. The bigger evidence of trust, when the animal recognizes the rules of the game in retribution. It’s not easy: give your own toy to a man.

Comforting that usually a trained man will throw this toy again so that you can bring it … and again … and you could have it all day if it were not for an unseen owner to groan and moan and then say he is in a hurry end fun. Just when it was going to be really fun! Well, to love means to forgive.

6. A Very Family Doctor
When you love someone, you wish him all the best. That he would be healthy and strong, so that he would not suffer … There are dogs who watch their people so vigilantly that they notice from them earlier that something bad is happening with their health.

There are stories of dogs informing owners – diabetics – about the drop in blood sugar before it was detected using measuring equipment. There have been many examples when the animals showed changes on your or your master’s skin – an apparently innocent birthmark, constantly licked by the pet, turned out to be the initial stage of cancer.
Our quadrupeds also warn us against attacks of epilepsy or narcolepsy. The record holder is a British rottweiler who has detected symptoms of an impending heart attack a few hours before this event.

7. Love Monitoring
Dogs can detect our diseases because they are watching us closely. It is such a modest and hardly visible manifestation of their feelings. When we walk around the house, when we work at the computer, we talk on the phone, cook, sweep, bored on the sofa, and finally when we sleep – we are all under discreet but vigilant protection.

Our Nero or Reks sleeps on the bed, but sometimes you can see how his watchful eye is opening slightly for a second. Phew, we checked what we do and where we get lost – you can sleep further. Who would take care of a man if he did not have his loving dog?

Tips To Show Your Love To Pet

Take Him For An Extraordinary Walk.
Not like every day. Take it to another park, to another estate, where there are new fragrances. Or behind the city, into the forest – only in the forest do not let the dog leash! Go with his pace, without rushing.
Play With Him.

Actively – it’s not enough to just give a toy and go, children are not enough for happiness. A good game with a dog may be teaching him commands, especially if the reward is, for example, dragging a string.
Let Out With Your Buddies.

Of course under your control. You let your boyfriend sometimes, right? Otherwise he would feel like in a golden cage … The dog also needs buddies to be able to behave with other dogs.

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