7 A’s SHS Graduate Making Cement Blocks To Gain Money To Continue His Education

A young brilliant student was found on the streets of Accra making cement blocks for sale. He was interviewed on Kofi TV where he shared his ordeal. He had excellent results in his WASSCE but due to financial constraints, he is unable to further his education.

He has been home for two years without any hope of continuing his education. Bornfil Kobina said he completed Ofori Panyin Senior High School in Koforidua – Kuruantumi in the Eastern region. He completed in the year 2019 with 7 A’s and a B in English Language.

He studied Business with Cost Accounting in Senior High School. He said in his school, no one had 8 A’s that year and there were eight of them who had 7 A’s and a B. The other seven of them were able to further their education but he was unable to. He said he did not even have the money to buy University forms.

He recently met a man who gave him money to buy forms this year. He added that after school, he stayed home for about four months and later decided to find a job to do to save money for school. That was how he ended up making cement blocks for sale. He said in a day, the amount he mostly earns is 20 Ghana Cedis and he can sometimes gain less depending on the number of cement blocks they can sell.

Kobina said his mother is the breadwinner of the house and she sells smoked fish in the market. His father is unwell, hence unable to work. He has been doing this job for a year now since he has been unable to gain enough money to continue his education. He said he wishes to become a psychologist one day to be able to help people make the right decisions in life. The hardworking young man still believes he can make it if he gets the needed help.

By: A.Joy

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