7 Surprising Reasons to Use Cannabis for Your Fitness Journey

You probably think of smoking weed as an indulgence, one that lives in a separate compartment from the obligation of exercise. However, as more people integrate cannabis use into their daily lives, it is only natural for it to be a part of their fitness routine. If you find that you need extra motivation to exercise or continue to nurse pain, adding cannabis as a supplement can be beneficial.  If you consume marijuana with intention and responsibly, it improves your overall fitness journey. Whether at home or the gym, create a pre-workout or post-workout routine that ultimately allows you to get the most out of your cannabis-infused exercises. 

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  1. Cannabis Users Exercise More 

The legalization of cannabis and its widespread availability to a mass audience means the stereotype of who is a marijuana user is no longer relevant. While society labeled weed smokers as lazy and unhealthy, A 2015 study discovered that 80% of adult marijuana users consume it before, during, or after exercise, with post-workout smoking being the most popular. They researched 600 individuals in the Western United States, where weed is legal. They found that users believed that marijuana motivated them to work out, and they overall enjoyed their exercises better. You can buy the Best CBD Products from a trusted source for the best optimum results.

  1. Cannabis Improves Moods and Focus 

The moderate use of cannabis pre-workout alleviates any exercise anxiety and refocuses the mind from negative thoughts. Cannabis users describe having more focus while exercising, which helps them achieve their fitness goals. Marijuana heightens the senses and makes you feel more centered and grounded. Any random or distracting thoughts fade, and you can take your fitness journey to the next level. Be mindful of how much you consume and, if possible, an exercise in a familiar and comfortable space. 

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  1. Great for Recovery and Pain

Many people use cannabis for its pain-relieving properties, and within the fitness arena, cannabis aids in the recovery of sore muscles and nagging injuries. Some athletes swear by the benefits of incorporating marijuana into their fitness routine. They state that cannabis provides relief for chronic pain and inflammation without the harmful side effects of over the counter drugs or prescription painkillers. For many athletes, switching to cannabis for recovery utilizes a more holistic approach to healing.  

  1. Can be Performance Enhancing

Although in the early stages of research, scientists and athletes theorize that cannabis provides performance-enhancing qualities due to CBD’s concentration, not the active ingredient of THC within the cannabis plants. THC possesses psychoactive properties that impair cognitive abilities, while CBD contains healing properties that the medical marijuana field uses for pain management and as an alternative to prescription painkillers. Due to its ability to relieve pain and help muscles improve quickly, athletes wonder if cannabis gives them an advantage. 

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  1. Low Intensity over High-Intensity Workouts

If you take the step to add cannabis to your fitness routine, incorporate it into a low-intensity workout instead of HIIT or circuit training. Although fast-paced and high energy exercises save time and be more efficient, you need to test how your body responds to cannabis-infused workouts. Before diving into a high-intensity workout or doing an extreme sport, it is essential to understand how much marijuana your body tolerates during workouts. Your comfort level dictates how far you can push yourselves while working out high. Besides, smoking marijuana impairs the lungs, and a slower exercise can improve overall lung health

  1. Various Consumption Methods: 

Typically, when we think of cannabis, the first thing that comes to our mind is vaping or smoking. But little did you know that technological advancements have made a plethora of ways to consume cannabis possible. Right from CBD gummies to CBD creams, anyone can choose their mode of incorporating cannabis in their fitness regime.

If you are buying cannabis online, you may be wondering what the best way to consume marijuana as part of your fitness journey. For post-workout recovery to soothe sore muscles, CBD topical creams, rubs, or balms work best if applied directly to the area of inflammation. 

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  1. Best Strains for Cannabis-Infused Workouts

All strains have unique properties that provide different needs, and the same goes for finding a strain that works in tandem with exercise. See below for cannabis strains that will give you either the most effective pre-workout pick me up and a relaxing post-workout recovery. 

  • For the pre-workout boost, choose Harlequin, which is low THC and high CBD content. This strain gives you a clear mind without any psychoactive effects. Another great option is Durban Poison, which also provides focus and motivation without the lingering stoned feeling. 
  • For post-workout winding down, try Black Domina, an Indica that provides full mind and body relaxation, and it is best to smoke at the end of the day. For chronic or severe pain, Kryptonite contains high THC levels to alleviate pain and send you into a deep sleep. 


Adding cannabis to your fitness routine is a personal choice. However, it is vital to take it slow and find what method of consumption, strain, and exercise combination work best for you. Everyone’s needs vary, and everyone’s fitness journey consists of triumphs and challenges. Limited research is available about the overall effects of mixing cannabis with exercise. The best advice is to listen to your body and take whatever steps you are comfortable with to reach your fitness goals.

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