Lifestyle: Secret tips to ‘kick’ that Side chick off your man

Hello married woman, there’s no point in vehemently fighting off side chicks from your husband as you will wear yourself out with worry and unnecessary stress; because believe it or not, there’re tonnes of them in town.

If you indeed want to keep your man running back to you, spend a minute to learn how to do it with the valid points below.

Keep the “precious zone” candidiasis free: Every man gets uncomfortable at the sight of candidiasis on his sex partner regardless of the height of excitement prior to the ‘magic’ moment.

Despite the bad odor that comes with the condition, he stands a high risk of getting infected and might stay away to avoid contracting STDs.

So ladies, do well to stop by granny’s to pick up the ‘ginger-garlic-cloves’ regimen to fight thrush to keep the “precious zone” candida free and in perfect shape for your better half.

Invest in sexy lingerie: Ladies, it’s time to throw away all those boring under wears you are emotionally attached to.
There’re no rocket signs to prove that men are moved by sight. Though many men may not readily comment on how old and unsightly his partner’s underwear looks, it actually puts them off!
Please, if he must remove it, it must be worth removing; so keep it new, sassy and colourful and he’ll come running to explore.

Get naughty and dirty: Diplomacy belongs to corporate environment and formal functions – So never subject your man to strict treatments at home after his utterly boring day at work. It’s normal for him to toss himself on the bed under the guise of fatigue, but freshen up, jump into the hottest piece and tease him at the right places to confirm his fatigue. You’ll be shocked just how refreshed he was minutes before stepping inside the home.

Avoid ‘I’m not in the mood’ syndrome: Men get furious when their partners say they are not in the mood. A good number of them have argued that, a well rendered foreplay can entirely put women in the mood; hence unfair to use that excuse to deny them their wishes.

If a woman is looking to keep their man, they should entirely avoid the phrase “I’m not in the mood” or relinquish their power to the ever- ready side chick.

Eat right to maintain the glow: It’s important to eat the right kinds of foods to maintain a beautiful glowing skin and maintain the right weight for your body shape.

A woman must make the conscious effort to stay in shape and possibly exercise to keep fit and look good.

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