A letter to the politician

I am writing this article as an ordinary Ghanaian citizen “mobrowa” to express my displeasure over some issues concerning the ordinary citizens.

I have constantly asked politicians these questions but have never received answers; I therefore ask again, hoping that I might get answers this time.

Are you people from a different planet from ours? Are our problems alien to you? Why do I ask these questions? – Because on several occasions you people have demonstrated to us that you have no feelings for the ordinary Ghanaian.

You implement policies that only benefit the rich people like you and not the ordinary Ghanaians. These are some things you do that makes me amazed.

It sounds very funny for politicians to reduce plane ticket price and increase fuel price. It also sounds ridiculous to ask for new luxurious cars when there are no ambulances to convey people to hospitals in emergency cases.

It is even more laughable to ask for increment in salaries and allowances when the ordinary man is suffering to secure one meal a day.

And it is absolutely funny to measure and believe in the development of the people in your country based on GDP which tells you the ordinary Ghanaian man spends GHc13 per day; whereas in actual fact, the ordinary Ghanaian realistically cannot survive on GHc 5 a day.

Now, we have had to deal with a depressing drama revolving around the proposed increment in taxes, when already price of goods and services are ‘choking’ the suffering masses.

Mr. Politician, a country that can afford loans for 275 buses and buy land cruisers and V8s for the sake of comfortability, but cannot afford a loan to buy ambulances to save the lives of its citizens is an evil country!

I think the politicians have no moral rights to be condemning anyone while they drive those luxurious V8 cars.
No wonder the Ghanaian Politics is now dominated by deceit, dishonesty and general lack of integrity.

The ordinary people are dying for lack of quality health care. The shortage of beds in the Surgical and Medical Emergency Unit at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital is a development that forces doctors to treat patients in plastic chairs and on the floor.

To me, I see everything wrong with some of our politicians using those luxurious cars when in actual fact our health sector is devoid of facilities.

It is even more disturbing that politicians who decide on our fate with regard to health care don’t even have hope in the sector.

Every now and then, these politicians go outside the country for medical checkups, so what business do they have doing in government hospitals. They don’t suffer with the masses if Korle Bu, Komfo Anokye, Ridge or my village clinic lack beds for patients to lay on for treatment.

It appears as soon as you are able to deceive the people to give you their support to be a political leader, you are automatically rich and you will start spending money as if money was never a problem for you.

Fuel, food and even means of communication have been made more expensive by imposition of taxes to enrich political leaders to live luxurious lives.

Many more policies are being initiated to tax the ordinary man for the politicians to enjoy, though most of them don’t pay tax.

Honestly speaking, I think our political leaders are not being fair to us because its baffling how they try and raise money at all costs from the poor citizens, including those in the lower earning brackets in order to pay the political leaders for little or no work done. We are supposed to be served and not the other way round.

I wish and pray my readers don’t misjudge or misunderstand my write up. Nevertheless, the above remarks do not suggest that all political leaders in the country are corrupt nor does it stand that they lack morality.

There are a lot of clean and good politicians. And again, I want to establish that I’m not against any political leader using a Land Cruiser, V8 or any luxurious car, but on the contrary, I see everything wrong with our political leaders using those cars at the expense of the ordinary Ghanaians taxes.

I know someone may ask whether it is only the politicians who are corrupt, and the answer is absolutely no.

There are many others who are not politicians but are very corrupt. But if we are to analyze how the politicians make good and clean promises during their campaigns and then turn away from them, it is sad, and also these politicians have made promises to serve us at all cost.

There are many instances, where we can easily point to politicians misappropriating the country’s wealth and going unpunished.

It is becoming a norm that, failure, mediocrity, corruption, fraud and theft are all celebrated and the culprits are hailed, instead of some politicians bowing down their heads in shame for such ill practices.
They often are quick to put up a defence and fight for more chances to do the same.

In fact, morality within political circles has degraded to the point that corruption has become the norm. If you have a conscience, no matter where you belong, NDC, NPP or any other political party, you will at least acknowledge that, there is something wrong with our political leaders and the country as a whole. Good save our mother Ghana……

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim…….

Social Commentator……..

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