A Lost Identity: The Tragedy of the African continent

I have always asked myself whether we still have an epitome of a true African man in our time. I mean a typical African man, who dresses, talks, eats and prides himself of undiluted African culture.

Are there any of such in our contemporary world? Yes, there are some of such men, but in the minority. Conservative African men though in the minority can be found among tribes in countries like Kenya, South Africa and Sudan among others.

However, with the growing taste for western culture, these minor tribes face extinction in the coming years.

I personally believe that most of us are Africans by mere declaration; and I will cite examples to buttress my points.

I will base my argument on our dressing, speech, relationship, food, tools among others.

Firstly, our dressing are highly westernized. Most of us will agree that we don’t patronize our African costume at all, when it comes to what we wear. The most worrying part of this is that, even our African leaders who preach about African liberation don’t wear indigenous clothing.

Schools in place emphasis on strict adherence to formal dressing from the west, whereas students could be made to wear African outfits as their code of uniform.

Even worrying is the fact that our own African leaders wear suit on their visit to Europe to identify with them. Any time I see our leaders talking about reviving  African continent,I feel sad and infuriated. Trust me these things are all part of the African under development agenda.

Another annoying reason is how we have thrown away our hospitable and peaceful nature.  We used to relate to each other well but our newly adopted ways of relationship is more like a class system premised on social status.

The elite see themselves as more knowledgeable and superior to the uneducated individuals who studied  the White man’s  theories, ideas and cultures;  most of which are “nonsense” to us.

The Whiteman’s  system of education is not bad in itself, as it has brought a lot of development to the African continent across sectors; health, infrastructure,communication, transportation, knowledge, agriculture.

It’s an undeniable fact the western theories are useful to the African. For example,  in the olden days  our forefathers had to go through a lot to come up with  complex ways to solve health challenges and diseases. Now diseases are easily cured without going through complex methods. Women also delivered under very difficult circumstances.

From the aspect of infrastructure, you will realize that Africans were able to also establish their buildings roads, without anybody’s help. Anytime I think of infrastructural development, the example that comes to mind is the Egyptian Pyramids, the Ethiopian Yeha temple. These are buildings that show thatAfricans would have been able to work  towards infrastructural development without sitting in the Whiteman’s classroom to acquire knowledge.

When it comes to the communication, you will find out communication tools, such as drums, flutes, whistles etc were used to communicate perfectly without difficulties at all., Transportation wasn’t  a problem as far as Africans in the olden days are concerned. They used to travel with their houses, donkeys  and other animals.

On knowledge acquisition I don’t even want to go there because we have failed woefully in the sense that, knowledge acquired from the Whiteman are now being used to cause a lot of harm to us.

It introduced us to “selfish” nuclear family system, better ways of stealing from the poor as greed has poisoned our souls.

Our so called knowledge from the west has made us cynical; we tend to be clever, hardhearted and unkind.

African agricultural system was very affordable without heavy machineries and other complex practices, but we used to get food in abundance, hunger wasn’t prevalent like today. Now that we have machines that produce more than enough foods but people are dying every day of hunger.

Yes I know somebody might argue that, all these points you have mentioned was just in the past which is different from today because population has increased to its peak and Africans couldn’t have been able to survive depending on the aforementioned points.

That could have been a genuine argument but let’s not forget that they also began from somewhere.

If that is so, we would have also developed to the highest level like the European continent. I know others will read this article and make many critics but surely the best person that will be able to analyze this article perfectly will a pure African man, because we aren’t Africans.

The reason why I believe we are no more Africans is that our minds have been polluted by the Whiteman’s school, so we now see almost everything about the African culture to be bad.

Those of us who try to be like an African man is seen as archaic  and primitive, but for me, I will say we cannot  get back our cultural heritage as far as Africa. This is because our level of Afrocentrism is reducing at a faster rate and generation to come will not even call themselves Africans except Black Americans.

In conclusion you will find out from the analysis above that we those who call ourselves Africans do so just because we have found ourselves in the African continent and we are blacks.

otherwise our mindset, dressing, speech, relationship, food, and our way of life is just like that of the Europeans. We have devalued our culture to the last point. We see ourselves as slaves to other people and are waiting for foreign help.  Most people will attribute this problems to colonialism which I find it very difficult to accept.  Because somebody can force you to do everything, but they cannot force you to look down on yourself,  except you are willing to.

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim..

Social Commentator….

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