A-Plus CHEATING on Akosua Vee with Ella Mensah?

Controversial actress, Ella Mensah has condemned wife of musician, A Plus, Akosua Vee for her hypocrisy.

This comes after Akosua Vee criticized actress Ella Mensah for  openly confessing to be dating a married man who she loves dearly and cannot breakup with anytime soon.

Akosua Vee who was shocked by the open declaration of the fact that Ella Mensah was dating a married man and could make it known to the public, indicated that she (Ella Mensah) will be dealt with accordingly in due time when she settles down with the man of her dream.

To Akosua Vee, her God has always been merciful and that in his own time, he will strike and pay Ella Mensah back with her own coin.

The comment by A Plus’ wife did not sit down well with Ella Mensah who exposed Akosua Vee for dating several married men before she got married.

Ella Mensah asked Akosua to deal with her marriage if she thinks her husband is cheating on her.

Source:My News

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