Abrantie the Gentleman makes waves in London

One of Ghana’s top designers for men’s wear, “Abrantie the gentleman” is taking his craft to an international stage as he was invited to lecture at King’s College in London with scholars, professors and fellow researchers.

Abrantie spoke about textiles, patterns, elements of African print designing, garment production and history of prints and their origin and of course the Journey of his brand Abrantie The Gentleman

The event was facilitated by Abrantie’s Co research partner, Professor Ananya Jahanara kabir.

And oh, he wasn’t alone as his beautiful model wife, Chantelle Dapaah was with him pushing the Abrantie brand. Talk about couples supporting each other.

This is great news for the Ghanaian fashion industry and we cannot wait to see Abrantie The Gentleman become an international brand.

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