Achimota Accident: Toyota Car Falls From Overpass and Lands on Another Car

The road becomes very slippery when it continues to rain for days. It is therefore advisable for drivers to be careful and reduce their speed when it is raining. A Toyota car with car registration number GS 8341-19 has fallen off the overpass and landed on another vehicle.

This incident took place this dawn, Tuesday, 28th September 2021 at Achimota mile 7, Greater Accra Region. One cannot tell whether the driver was sleeping or the car developed some fault which led to this accident.

Most cars on overpasses do not move at a high speed because of the curves of the overpass. So some Ghanaians were wondering what really cause this accident. Checking the lower part of the overpass, there is huge traffic. In view of that, the driver on the lower part of the car cannot dodge the Toyota car from the top even if he decides to.

The report did not include whether there were some casualties of this accident or not. Some Ghanaians after coming across this picture said that the driver of the Toyota car might probably sustain injury because the car fell on the driver side.

By: SamuelPowell

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