Achimota School saga: Ruling sets a bad precedent – Lawyer

A Private Legal Practitioner, Patrick Asante-Nnuro says the ruling by the Accra High Court allowing two Rastafarian students to be admitted into Achimota Senior School with their dread-locks may open the flood gate for any form of dressing to infiltrate schools.

Speaking on Kasapa Kase3 on Kasapa 102.5 FM, the Lawyer said in as much as Article 11, Chapter 5 of Ghana’s Constitution may be the basis for such rulings, this must not open the floodgate for chaos to thrive in schools.

“So for me, I have my own issue with the ruling, because tomorrow a student may also decide on what to wear to school which could be permitted under the fundamental human right of the constitution. The court has spoken but there is what we call Substantial Justice and other things that will help our society,” Lawyer Asante stated.

He continued “We say their request is fundamental human which the school disagrees so for me that is fine. But this will open the flood gate for other persons to say this is what they feel to wear to school and the constitution guarantees that.”

The Human Rights Division of the Accra High Court has ordered Achimota School to admit the two embattled Rastafarian students.

The Court presided over Justice Gifty Agyei Addo ruled that the fundamental human rights of two students cannot be limited by the rules of Achimota School.

The two, Tyrone Marghuy and Oheneba Kweku Nkrabea through their parents filed suits urging the court for enforcement of their fundamental rights to education.

However, the Legal Practitioner said since the court has spoken, Achimota School would have to comply but the nation must be careful with the ruling.

“If I am the Attorney General or the Lawyer for Achimota School I will file an appeal,” he maintained.


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