Ada Songor: ElectroChem Ghana salt mining project Takes Off

A special commissioning ceremony was performed on Sunday November 29, by the chiefs, District Chief Executive, and people of Ada at Ada Songor to pave way for the official mining of Salt by ElectroChem Ghana Limited (EGL).

ElectroChem Ghana Limited, which is a subsidiary of the McDan Group, has so far proven its machinery capacity to execute the project.

The national potential production capacity for salt is estimated at 2,330,000 metric tonnes out of which the Ada area accounts for about 1.4 million metric tonnes.

The existence of the Songor Salt Lagoon, has long served as a major source of livelihood for the residents.

The event was graced by the Chiefs and people of Ada who charged the atmosphere with uncontrollable pomp and pageantry and ecstasy.

The atmosphere indeed demonstrated their readiness to host their new partner ElectroChem Ghana Limited in working together to bring development and jobs to the area.

It would be recalled that the Mining Lease Agreements for the Ada Songor Salt Project was given to Electrochem Ghana Limited by Parliament, as the mineral rights to dig for, mine, and produce salt in the areas specified in the agreement for a term period of 15 years.

The Ada Traditional Council led by the Ada ‘Mankralo’ Nene Agudey Obichere (III), Paramount Chief, Nene Abram Kabu Akuaku (III), led as hosts in the thick of events on the day.

The Ada Songor Lagoon gave the people the opportunity to do fishing when it was full, and when the operation of the weather caused it to dry, it provided them with rich natural salt which they mined in a yearly cycle.

The Paramount Chief in his address stated that “we struck good fortune in 2017, when I enstooled Dr. Daniel McKorley of McDan Group of companies as a development Chief of Ada for his constant help for the traditional area.

…His passion to help Ada led to an agreement reached with the key owners and stakeholders of the Songor Lagoon to put up the request before his Excellence the president to grant a lease to him to revamp, revitalize and optimize salt production in Ada and if possible above the capped 1.4 million metric tonnes capacity,” he said.

He thanked the government of His Excellency the President, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for accepting his request by working tirelessly on the processes, and sent three mining lease agreements on the Ada Songor Salt Project through the minerals commission and the ministry of Lands and Natural Resources to parliament for ratification.

“On my behalf, that of the Ada Traditional Council, the priests, and priestesses, the sub-chiefs of the town’s and villages, elders, youth and people of Ada. I want to express our profound gratitude and appreciation to His Excellency the President, Nana Akufo-Addo for this kind gesture.

“We have a fifteen (15) years mining lease agreements from the government but we initially have to contact the traditional leaders, opinion leaders to make sure there wouldn’t be trouble and that we did some month back, we went back to parliament for ratification and it has been ratified, so we are on-site to work.

The chiefs and the ten (10) clans would also get a modern palace complex with offices and conference rooms.

The company (EGL) also intends to support the Asafotufiami festival every year.


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