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Adansi Asokwa NPP holds meetings in beer bar

The Constituency Executives of the Adansi Asokwa New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Ashanti region, holds meetings at a beer bar instead of the constituency party office while the Member of Parliament (MP) pockets the office keys.

Mr. Akwasi Boakye, the Constituency first Vice chairman, who spoke with in an exclusive interview explained that, Hon Kobina Tahir Hammond, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the constituency told the executives that, he was going to renovate the office and for that matter, locked the office up for work to start and would return the keys after completion of the renovation.

He stated that, the renovation was for the replacement of doors and windows of the office which has since been done for the past one month but keys have still not been released to the constituency secretary who is the official custodian.

Samuel Awui the constituency secretary who was keeping the office keys before they were taken from him in order to keep the administration of the party running he explained, convenes meetings at beer bars a development he bemoaned.

According to the 1st Vice Chairman, the office has remained closed and verification from the Constituency Secretary who was supposed to be keeping the keys established that, the MP, Hon. K.T Hammond has seized them without giving any reasons.

The situation he said has forced them to negotiate with a beer bar operator to allow them use his space for the party’s meetings until the MP decides to open office for them.

“The beer bar owner is even running at a loss because he always has to close it any time we want to use the space; we’ve always had to smell alcohol in our meetings because of one man”, he lamented

He alleges that the MP’s decision might have been fueled by a feud between and Mr. Kwame Owusu, the Constituency Chairman of the party, as the MP made it cleared upon his election to the office that, even if the current chairman won the constituency elections he would not work with him.

He said since the chairman assumed office, the only vehicle he could use for party activities was taken away by the MP and up to date it’s yet to be returned, making party work difficult for the executives.

” The car we are told is his own property, but the office does not belong to him so I don’t know why he would lock it up and keep the keys while we suffer to do the party’s work”, Mr Boakye lamented.

Hon. K.T Hammond almost lost his seat in the NPP primary prior to the 2016 election sue to similar rifts with his party executives and the grassroots.

Just recently, a group which calls itself Concerned Youth of Adansi Asokwa called a press conference to denounce Hon. K.T .Hammond and warned that he would be voted against if the NPP fields him again in 2020

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