Address economic hardships – BudgIT Ghana to govt

Civil Society Organization, BudgIT Ghana, has noted with great concern the “FixtheCountry” campaign by some Ghanaian youth dissatisfied with the country’s state of affairs.

While acknowledging the economic hardships induced by the Covid-19 pandemic, the organization is urging government to take immediate steps to address some of the key concerns which predate the health crisis.

In a statement issued and copied to Joy Business, It noted that Efforts should be geared towards broadening the tax base, ensuring compliance and plugging revenue leakages, rather than burdening the small number of existing taxpayers with new taxes.

“The private sector which is the engine of growth, still borrows at an average of 20% despite efforts to make interest rates more competitive. This is uncompetitive, stifles business growth and undermines private sector efforts to create employment.”

“Government must adopt determined efforts to overcome vested interests to help mitigate the pernicious effects of corruption, and also ensure transparent and open governance processes. The perception of corruption in Ghana is eroding trust in government and undermining the social contract” the statement said.

It explained further that the slow pace in addressing the infrastructural needs (health, transport, housing, etc.) of the citizens has undermined inclusive and sustainable growth, markets expansion, job opportunities among others.

BudgetiT Ghana however lauded the government for acknowledging the aforementioned challenges but urge expedited action to address the concerns.

It further implores the aggrieved youth to explore legal avenues in channeling their grievances, but most importantly rally behind the government to come out of the storm.


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