Adjetey Anang, wife say ‘I do’ again as Joy Beauty & Bridal Fair opens

After 12 years of marriage, award-winning actor, Adjetey Anang and his wife, Elom, could not have chosen a better place and time to renew their vows – the Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair.

Watched by friends and family, the two reiterated their love for each other at this year’s event appropriately themed ‘Knotted For Life’.

Like any marriage, the celebrity couple has been through both sweet and bitter moments in the journey. It took seven years to get their first child – a son in 2015.

The actor, popularly known as ‘Pusher’ in a post on Facebook in March, to announce their milestone, told his numerous followers, “…I can’t believe how far we’ve come seeing how clueless we were about so many things 12 years ago!!

“Marriage has been so many things! We’ve had fun, tears, joy, laughter, pain, hope, faith, tight friendship; but above all, we’ve had God with us! …”

At the forecourt of the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC), in a short service officiated by Rev Ebo Annan of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC – Christ Temple), the couple pledged their unwavering commitment to each other again.

Elom, looking gorgeous in her ivory Ruby’s Bridal gown promised to “…to love cherish and honour you all the days of my life except death…I will hold you in highest esteem above all men and help you to grow in strength, wisdom and insight.

“My wealth shall be your wealth, my home shall be your home, my dream shall be your dream and my God shall be your God…”

Adjetey dressed in a blue and black floral suit put together by Elikem The Tailor, on the other hand, vowed to “…hold you in the highest esteem above all women and protect you with all my strength, wisdom and insight…I will continue to learn and understand you always…

“…With these vows, I now promise to be one with you in this holy covenant.”

Of course, the moment everyone was waiting for – the ‘you-may-kiss-the-bride’ moment. The two knotted a kiss for the gawking TV and cell phone cameras.

This is as real as a wedding as gotten at the JOY FM Beauty and Bridal Fairs. Usually a dummy couple is used. But with Adjetey and Elom renewing their vows, who knows a real life wedding could come in 2020.

The Joy Beauty and Bridal Fair is the one stop shop for everything engagement or wedding needs. The event continues until July 14 at the AICC.

Ghanaian classical keyboardist, composer, arranger, conductor, choral director and singer, Alfred Patrick Addaquay performed at the event.


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