Adolescent pregnancies decline in first half of 2020

The Department of Gender in the Central Region says the rate of adolescent pregnancies in the region declined in the first half of 2020.

According to the department, although the factors that drive teenage pregnancies in the region are still rife, it is keen on bringing the numbers down to the barest minimum.

“If you look at the situation from January to May 2019 we had over 4,600 cases of adolescent pregnancies, but when you look at January to May 2020, we have about 4,100 pregnancies. So it means that in the first quarter of this year, we have seen about 500 declines in teenage pregnancies and going forward, we hope it will continue,” the Regional Director for the Department of Gender, Thywill Eyra Kpe said.

Speaking to Citi News at the inauguration of the Community Parent Network Advocacy Group in Ajumako where over 50 parents are being trained, Thywill Kpe indicated that parenting has been a major contributor to the rate of teenage pregnancies in the region.

The Regional Director added that parents from six communities have been trained to lead advocacy within their communities to reduce the irresponsibilities that characterize the stories about teenage pregnancies in the region.

“We believe that parents have a critical role to play in the reduction of teenage pregnancies because the government cannot do all,” the Regional Director said.

Thywill Kpe believes the formation of the Community Parents Network Advocacy Group will help reduce the numbers since these parents live with the adolescent girls in communities.

“I am very confident that the knowledge and skill these parents have acquired will be transferred to other parents and adolescent girls in their communities. We have trained them on the changes in adolescents, adolescent pregnancies and its implications, family planning and advocacy skills and so with all this knowledge, they can change the status quo in their various communities,” she said.

She further applauded the United Nations Population Fund for the continuous support in the fight against teenage pregnancies in the region, adding that they have already supported about five sub implementers who are championing the fight.

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