Afia Schwarzenegger: Wrong is wrong!

This is so simple, Rawlings is an Ewe, Ewe culture is what must reign supreme at his burial. You don’t let Asante culture dominate and dominate at his funeral and call voltarians who feel peeved tribalistic.

The fact that you think he is a national figure hence a certain culture is more national is the biggest form of tribalism.

We are from Ghana but everyone is from somewhere in Ghana and that must be recognised.

Voltarians have the right to be hurt, he is the greatest son they have produced, they deserve to take the centre stage on the day the world pays him his last respect.

We shouldn’t even be discussing this one, a wife doesn’t bury a husband, the family does and the family does this with the state if he is a man like Rawlings.

We shouldn’t use tribal labelling to prevent people from speaking their minds when clearly, a culture that is not theirs is given prominence over them on the day that is their day.

There are many proud sons of Asante who have risen to national prominence, when they depart, I don’t think another tribe’s culture would dominate at their funeral.

This is a rare moment to sell the Ewe culture to the rest of the world, it should never have been taken away from them.

Most of the people I have seen crying foul that voltarians are being tribalistic happen to be Akans, seriously, is there any Akan whose burial has ever been dominated by the culture of another.

Even in being one, we have to respect our differences.

If you are an Asante and happy, you are simply selfish and super tribalistic.

Afia Schwarzenegger is a TV/Radio personality and an actress.

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