African Christianity not a Religion but a Business- Yvonne Nelson Blows Hot

Actress Yvonne Nelson has boldly disclosed that Christianity has become a lucrative business venture in Africa, contrary to its main purpose.

The bible has a clear definition for who a Christian is and what purpose Christianity is meant to accomplish but Africans have given a new definition to it.

Yvonne Nelson holds a strong opinion that Christianity is not a religion in Africa but a business.

The actress shared on her twitter handle that the most populated religion in Africa, Christianity started in Israel as a family then moved to Rome as a religion but it became a political ground in England and sadly grew into a business when it reached Africa.

“Christianity left Israel as a family, came to Rome as a religion, went to England as politics and ended up in Africa as a business,” Yvonne Nelson shared on Twitter.

Many have said Yvonne is not far from the truth, using recent events in the church as evidence.

Taking Ghana as a case study, we have witnessed many ‘famous’ men of God publicly asking their congregation to donate huge sums of money to them before they can witness the glory of God in their lives.

Our radio and television space has been overtaken by churches and fetish priests who are bent on milking innocent and poor citizens.

They stage all forms of acts and call it miracles just to persuade people to join their churches or run to them for salvation when in fact, it is bait to steal from them.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com

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