Akatsi South NDC constituency election nearly marred by violence

But for the timely interventions from the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) Regional Executives, the Member of Parliament for the Akatsi South constituency, Bernard Ahiafor, and security personnel, the party’s constituency election in the area would have been marred by violence.

There was chaos at some polling centre after some aspirants accused their opponents of planting delegates along the ballot boxes to campaign even though campaigning has ended.

In each of the cases, security personnel and election supervisors had to rush to the scene to control the situation.

A deputy youth organizer aspirant, Alex Doe Buadi alleged that the exercise was not properly coordinated and the election coordinators didn’t encourage fair contest among them.

He accused them of allowing some delegates to stand by the ballot boxes to campaign.

“Some of us asked the director of elections to provide us with delegates list so that we can submit our polling agents but no one responded to our call.  Now they are here with a disorganized list and poorly coordinated elections.”

“They are giving the opportunity to other aspirants to campaign around the ballot box.  In fact, we are not happy with the organization,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, despite the protest, the election in the area went on as scheduled.

The opposition NDC held its elections in today, Saturday, nationwide to elect leaders at the constituency levels.

However, the polls in the 16 constituencies were unable to be held today due to various petitions challenging the process.


Source: citinewsroom.com

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