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Akofa on what ignited her restaurant idea

Veteran actress Alice Akofa Edjeani Asiedu has shared a humbling experience of how she turned her hobby into a cash making venture aside her acting career.

According to her, the restaurant she own now wasn’t part of her grand plan of being an antrepreneur but she gave culinary arts a shot at a time she felt she needed to do something to support her ex-husband when things went awry but it exploded into a full-fledged business.

“I loved cooking and mostly on Sundays I made jollof and invited friends over to come enjoy with us. They complimented my cooking and so at a point in my life when acting wasn’t booming and somehow my ex-hubby went broke as the company he worked for collapsed, I said why not start a restaurant and it worked,” she recounted her experience on The Couch with Ama Pratt on Pan African TV on Saturday.

Akofa went on to encouraged as many individuals who are gifted in diverse arts to put it to work, stressing that, sometimes people’s hobbies have turned their lives around in a way their regular careers could not.

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