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Akuffo-Addo Has Changed A Lot – Pratt Boldly Declares

The rising cost of living and high prices of goods have become a national menace and Ghanaians have decried it. Interestingly, a stalwart of the government Buaben Asamoah has also registered his displeasure over the high fuel prices in the country. Many political enthusiasts, especially supporters of the NDC have chastised the government.

Outspoken Journalist and Managing Editor of the Insight Newspaper, Mr. Kwesi Pratt has explained that President Akuffo-Addo has changed over the years. He indicated that the Akuffo-Addo Ghanaians are seeing today seems different from the original Akuffo-Addo he knew some years ago.

Speaking in an interview on Good Morning Africa show on Pan African TV, he bemoaned the failure of the President to respond to the calls of Ghanaians over the rising cost of living. He believes that, a good leader should be ready to listen whenever calls are made by his citizens.

Kwesi Pratt indicated that Akuffo-Addo is widely known for his numerous fights for good living conditions for Ghanaians. He wondered what has changed over the years that have made the President now unresponsive to Ghanaians. He bemoaned the high petroleum prices, the high unemployment crisis and a myriad of challenges Ghanaians are facing.

He said, “The Akuffo-Addo I know has changed. We all remember his role in Kume Preko and other demonstrations he took part. It was all efforts to better Ghana. Why is not responding when he became president? Why is he putting people in worst conditions than before.”

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