Akufo-Addo Must Appoint Kwaku Azar As Amidu’s Replacement

Even from his base in far away United States of America, the distinguished law lecturer, Kwaku Azar, has demonstrated both in words and deed over the years his love for this country.To achieve the change one desires, one must get involved. The easiest thing anyone can do is to criticize, the true character and strength of any man is measured when the person also takes up leadership role, where instead of playing from the stands, he or she gets to be on the field, where it matters most.A Google search of his name and very interesting articles, will pop-up. He is no stranger to happenings in Ghana, neither is he stranger to Ghanaians, he is a household name and time without number, he has won the admiration of Ghanaians, on his stance on many topical issues in this country.With the resignation of the Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Ben Kasier Amidu, it is time for Kwaku Azar to step forward and fight from within, instead of being outside and pissing inside.The country, including Kwaku Azar, after the resignation of the man, who many considered as the best fit for the job, are engaged in an argument, which in my considered opinion is a waste of time, as we say in Ghana, it is akin to chasing rats while the house is on fire.

The volume of concerns and the opinion shared by Kwaku Azar on the resignation of Martin Amidu, makes it imperative for him, to also put himself up, for a job that most certainly fits into all he has done over the years.

He is no stranger to our judicial system, he is no stranger to corruption in this country, and that puts him in a unique position to not only have his name written on the walls of agitators, but as someone who got his hands dirty to bring about the desired change.

History, will remember Martin Amidu, not just as a citizen vigilante, but as the first occupant of the Office of Special Prosecutor.

Professor Kwaku Azar, will fade from our consciousness, until he decide to serve the country, not as a critique general, but must also put himself into a position where his work can also be scrutinize and criticize.

Kwaku Azar, like Martin Amidu, has putting his life for the service of the nation, although he is far away in US, but unlike Martin, who has served in various capacities in governance since the introduction of the Fourth Republican dispensation, first as deputy Minister of justice and Attorney General, to becoming a substantive minister, to minister of Interior and just recently Special Prosecutor.

Amidu, has tried albeit unsuccessful to push for change from the inside, partly because of his own ego, and not wanting to be a team player, Kwaku Azar, has only contributed to achieving the change from the comfort of his office or home desk.

No matter how loud you shout as a spectator, the players on the field can choose to ignore your admonition or wise counsel, you need to get onto the field, dirty yourself and appreciate the fact that, the players to win the game, must take decisions on the spur of the moment, they don’t have time to second guess themselves and so whether win or lose, they have to live with the consequence of their decisions.

Kwaku Azar, has remain a spectator for so long, he sometimes fail to appreciate the enormity of the responsibility of those chosen to lead.

He has since the last administration lend his voice to every issue, especially governance and legal related, with his constant barrage of condemnation.

He has over the years advocated for a free and fair system at the Ghana School of Law. He didn’t end his advocacy by only writing and talking, he went ahead to sue the General Legal Council over the admission process.

The patriotism of Prof. Kwaku Azar, must go beyond criticism to standing up and fighting for the change he desires. I use patriotism here in its broad sense of loyalty and devotion to country, pursuit of the common good, standing up for truth and justice.

Growing up as a boy and now as a younger man, I heard stories and read about the patriotic zeal and actions of forebears.

They took on the colonialists with fervour and fought with pride for a new Ghana free from the shackles of colonialism.

Today, a day, has been set aside to celebrate their heroism and commitment to sacrifice their lives for our common good. Although, they fell out in later years, they all at one point or another put themselves up to fight for what they believe in.

It seemed that the founding fathers and leaders of the independent Ghana, had patriotism in their DNA. Whilst they may have bickered or even fought each other, they had something stronger in common – faith in the Ghanaian project.

History is replete with courageous acts of these leaders, leaving us proud inheritors of their hardwork and sacrifice.

This is how the media reported what Prof. Azar said, following the resignation of the Special Prosecutor, Martin Amidu.

“Professor Kwaku Azar, a lecturer at the University of Florida has submitted that the resignation of Martin Amidu as Special Prosecutor is a major setback in the fight against corruption.

Professor Azar said on Citi TV that he is disappointed and saddened by Amidu’s decision to quit his position.

He remarked that Amidu should have stood his grounds and resisted the temptation to resign”.

Kwaku Azar, should take his own advice and stand his ground by also deciding to throw his hat in and ensure that the work he has fought for all these years, gets done.But the name ‘Azar’ connotes something negative in our local parlance.


Source: By Abdul Razak Bawa/

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