Akyem Ntronang Chief beaten to pulp; stripped naked before residents

The Chief of Akyem Ntronang in the Eastern Region had the bitterest and most humiliating experience of his life when he was severely assaulted in the open by three unknown young men.

The stoutly built assailants reportedly arrived in the town in a taxi cub, asked for directions to the chief’s house and proceeded to the place to beat him up.

According to an eye witness, Akonoba, who spoke to Kasapa News, the three thugs knocked on the chief’s door and when he walked up to the door, they forcefully dragged him out, beat him to pulp and undressed him in the full glare of the inhabitants.

He narrated that the assailants then grabbed a sheep which was loitering about killed it with a machete that they wielded and spilled its blood on the chiefs feet.

“They beat the Chief mercilessly with a machete, made him naked, tied his hands and fastened the rope to the taxi cub and drove off, dragging the chief on the floor all the way to the public square and back to him home while the residents watched on. Nobody could question or stop them from carrying out their dastardly act because they were macho men and we were afraid to approach them. It was so humiliating and an eye saw to see the chief naked with his penis dangling in the full glare of the residents. That was so shameful.” Akonoba added.

He said the incident was reported to the New Abirem Police who came in to convey the Chief to the hospital for treatment.

It is not known what triggered the assault on the chief, but residents believe his recent actions must have called for the attack on him.

The Chief is said to have recently banned the act of cursing in the town but some of the residents have not been happy with the punishment meted out to those who have flouted the Chief’s directive.

“It could well be the case that an aggrieved person hired the thugs to beat the chief. Nana [Chief] has been demanding huge sums of monies and other things from people who have flouted his ban on cursing and this has not gone down well with lots of the residents. Someone one might have taken this action against the chief to show his or her displeasure,” Akonoba noted.


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