Albums are a waste of songs – S3fa

Black Avenue Muzik signee S3fa has revealed that she is not in any rush to make an album. The budding singer said, albums to her, are a waste of songs.

In an interview with SVTV Africa, the ‘Odo Yewu’ hitmaker told host DJ Nyaami that, she has lots of projects coming up but the album isn’t part of the project because to her, albums are a waste of songs.

“I have big featuring’s here and there; big things are coming. I mean, I’m full of surprises and you know I would like to do things before talking. Right now, I am not thinking about an album because for me I think album just waste your songs, your very good songs but I don’t know what the label has cos I have a lot of songs there so maybe we’ll release an album or EP” She added.

S3fa also noted that, even though some of her label mates are leaving black avenue music, she is still enjoying her stay at the record label.

“Errm, I’m one person, I don’t count my eggs before they are hatch and I also believe nobody knows tomorrow except God but right now, I’m enjoying where I am and I love where I am. So I’m just doing my part like an artiste thing, doing my best, but after four years I don’t know if I will renew or I won’t renew, but anything can happen”

So far, S3fa has songs like ‘Marry Me’ which features Jupitar, ‘Odo Yewu’ just to mention a few.

She is currently promoting her latest single “Shuga” which features Lynx Entertainment new signees twin duo Dope Nation. Production credits to B2.

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