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Alleged coup: Defence lawyers to object to tendering of video and audio tapes

Defence lawyers in the ongoing trial where Dr Frederick Mac-Palm, ACP Benjamin Agordzo and eight other persons are standing trial for high treason are expected to raise objections against the tendering and the admissibility of the video and audio tapes which formed the basis of the case.

The testimonies of Staff Sergeant Awarf Sule, the military officer who feign interest in the alleged Coup and recorded all activities of the seven of the accused persons have testified and is on the verge of tendering the videos and audios which were played in open court.

However, before it admissibility or otherwise is determined, the defence lawyers are expected to be heard before a three-member panel chaired by Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe.

Meanwhile, a three-member panel of the Accra High Court last week refused a request from Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Benjamin Agordzo to travel outside the country.

The panel presided over by Justice Afia Serwah Asare-Botwe held the conditions of the bail granted does not support his request.

According to the court, the nature of the offence in which Dr Agordzo and nine others have pleaded not guilty to charges, requires him to be present in court during sittings.

Other members of the panel are Justice Hafisata Amaleboba and Justice Anthony Oppong.

On Monday, October 25, the Senior Police officer who is facing the charge of Abetment in an alleged Coup with nine others sought to convince the High Court to grant him 10 days to travel.

Dr Agordzo, who has pleaded not guilty to the charge, per his application before the court wanted to travel to act as a resource centre person at the Security Sector Reform Training in Nairobi.

Kormivi Dzotsi, counsel for Dr Agordzo (applicant), holding brief for lawyer Martin Kpebu while moving the application urged the court to revise the bail terms which asked that, he (accused – applicant) reports twice a week to the police.

“We pray that the court exercises its discretion to grant A10 leave to travel outside the jurisdiction. This particularly important because per A10’s affidavit he is willing to waive his right to allow the trial proceed in order not to delay the trial,” his lawyer argued.

He added that the trial can continue in his absence which will be 10 days and that, in his absence, his family, particularly the wife and lawyer will be in court to monitor the proceedings and if anything is needed to be provided to the court he will be willing to provide.


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