Allow GhanaCard holders to board flights – Ghana Airports Company to Airlines, Airports

Management of the Ghana Airports Company Limited(GACL) has announced to all Airports and Airlines to allow persons holding valid GhanaCard to board flights to Ghana without the need for visa.

According to GACL, the GhanaCard is now duly recognized globally as a valid ID card-passport, a Machine Readable Travel Document(MRTD) that can be read and verified by the ICAO Public Key Directory(PKD) at most airports.

This takes effect March 01, 2022, a statement from the GACL said on Sunday.

It comes on the back of the International Civil Aviation Organisation’s (ICAO) rejection of media reports suggesting that it has approved the use of the National Identification Card, popularly known as Ghana Card, as an e-passport.

The Organisation in a thread of tweets clarified that it was not its responsibility to “certify the use of a state’s identity card for international travel in place of a passport.”

“Any decision to accept such alternative travel identity document is made by the receiving state itself,” ICAO further clarified.

The clarification follows reports by sections of the media that ICAO had officially approved the Ghana Card to be used as an e-passport at a special ceremony at its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, on Wednesday, following a series of processes, which started last year.


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