Allow your wives to partake in census – NCCE begs Zongos

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is working with Islamic clerics across Zango communities in the Asokore Mampong Municipality, to demystify the National Housing and Population census in Muslim homes where wives are barred from unilaterally giving consent for such exercises.

Zongo Communities have had the history of being tagged ‘difficult to enumerate during census’s and other data gathering activities, largely because of some held Muslim and Northern cultural beliefs which bar women from entertaining probes from men in the absence of their husbands or male adult relatives.

With such beliefs still existent, Muslim clerics, the Statistical Service and the National Commission for Civic Education have been on massive outreaches in the Asokore Mampong Municipality which plays host to a majority Zongo population.

Speaking to Ultimate News’ Salimatu Hawini, NCCE Director for Asokore Mampong Matthew Agbenu was positive enough information has been churned to the mosques to compel families to avail themselves for the census.

“We are begging them that if you are not in the house, give your wife that authority to talk on your behalf. The enumerators are not asking any questions that are so confidential,” He advised.

Islamic Women Leaders have been vocal supporting the campaign for openness to the exercise.

Women Leader and NPP Nasara Secretary for Asawase Mariam Adjei insisted even though Islam has its restrictions on women, was imperative that women heeded the national call.

Meanwhile, the founder of the Islamic Learning Centre Sheik Mustafa Mohammed explained that the religious restrictions are not blanket but are limited to a wife having flirtatious discussions with another man.

It appears the exercise will not face its previous hurdles in Muslim-dominated areas especially at a time clerics are compelling their fold to partake in the exercise insisting their representation was understated in the 2010 census.

Source: Salimatu Hawini

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