Allowing Muntaka’s bribe allegation to slide confirms judicial corruption – Maurice Ampaw

Private legal practitioner Maurice Ampaw is advocating that the Member of Parliament (MP) for Asawase, Alhaji Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka must face the consequences of his action otherwise judicial corruption will be encouraged to continue.

He observed that leveling bribery allegations against a Supreme Court judge is a serious offense that must not be taken lightly, stressing the need for the Chief Justice to ensure that the lawmaker is made to answer for the crime.

Speaking on a Kumasi-based Television station monitored by, the controversial lawyer stated that the actions of the lawmaker do not only undermine Ghanaians in general but the citizenry.

“He claimed he knows a Supreme Court Judge tried to bribe an MP during the election of the Speaker of Parliament in January this year. This is not an allegation, this is a criminal pronouncement so we cannot withdraw. If we allow this to pass, it would mean that we are encouraging corruption in the judiciary. We will wait see that bribe giver”, he insisted.

In his view, the retraction and apology is not enough to allow the matter slide but must ensure that it is properly investigated in order to have its image cleared.

“We won’t accept the apology of Muntaka. The Judiciary will not accept his apology and they should be made aware that in article 125 of the constitution, all the judges including the Supreme Court Judges exercise justice on our behalf and all emanate from us. When you attack the judiciary you attacking all of us and one arm of government” he explained.

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