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Ama K Abebrese wades into Akuapim Poloo’s court conviction case

Ama K. Abebrese, Ghanaian actress based in the UK has called on judge who sat on colleague actress, Akuapim Poloo’s case to tamper justice with mercy and not jail her.

Leaving a couple of paragraphs on Twitter on the issue that has gone viral, Ama Abebrese stated that she had taken steps for her colleague to pull down the obscene photographs, last year.

She further argued that Akuapim Poloo, followed up the action with a public apology, hence should not be jailed on Friday when the final sentence will be given.

“She is a mother and would not deliberately put her child in harm’s way,” a portion of her tweet stated.

The elegant actress also indicated that, many pedophiles and rapists have sometimes gotten away with their nefarious acts, hence judge should be lenient with Akuapim Poloo.

Read Ama K. Abebrese’s unedited tweets below.  

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