Amend marriage laws – Lawyer advocates

A Senior Lecturer at the Ghana School of Law, Lawyer Frederica Ahwireng-Obeng is advocating for the amendment of marriage laws.

According to her, Ghana practiced three main types of marriage systems, namely the customary, ordinance and the Mohammedans ordinance (CAP 129), but only two of the marriages, the customs and ordinance, had gained major recognition legally, even though the three are supposed to be legally protected.

The Mohammedans ordinance indicates that Muslims are to register their marriage in court within one week after marriage or it will not be recognized.

The lawyer said due to ignorance of the law from some women, many Muslim men refuse to register after getting married to ladies.

She added that Muslim women also go through stress if they want to apply for registration of marriage after getting to know the truth.

Madam Frederica Ahwireng-Obeng stressed the need for equal opportunity for all, including the registration of marriages, without any form of discrimination.

She believes that equal opportunity for all will enable effective marriage, especially in the Islamic marriage.

The lawyer called on government to step up efforts to provide the necessary tools that will enhance the facilitation of the implementation of the CAP 129.

The legislation (CAP 129) regulates Islamic marriages and divorces in Ghana, and it makes it mandatory for every Moslem marriage and divorce to be registered. But development as far as Islamic marriages are concern is far from what the Legislation says.

The much-touted Intestate Succession Law, PNDC Law 111 of 1985, has come under sharp criticism because it has drastically reduced the practical utility of the Mohammedans marriage Ordinance (CAP 129).

Meanwhile, she also urged on Christian women to verify their marriage certificates it legible.

She made this statement in an interview with Afia Pokua (Vim Lady) on Adom TV Educative Program, “ME WO CASE ANAA” which is shown every Friday at 3 pm.

Madam Frederica Ahwireng-Obeng says some Christian married mistaken customary marriage to ordinance marriage when they realized their men are cheating on them.

According to her, customary marriage is polygamous so even if it is been registered in court, the man can still cheat because he is eligible to do so but in the ordinance is not so, so she insisted that people should know the difference before going into marriage.

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