Anas finally replies Ken Agyapong

Besides embattled former president of the Ghana Football Association, Mr. Kwesi Nyantakyi who has been a topic for discussion ever since Anas Aremeyaw Anas premiered his exposé, Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has been at the center of this exposé with his threats to expose Anas as a corrupt person.

Ever since Anas, the ace investigative journalist from Ghana announced a date for the premiere of his latest corruption exposé center on Ghana Football, Ken Agyapong, the MP for Assin Central declare war on him.

According to Ken, Anas lures and traps his victims with money as such his exposé should be boycotted. He also alleged that Anas is corrupt and he has evidence to back those claims. Among other things, he vowed to show Ghanaians and the world his real face and the faces of people he works with.

He even posted photos on his TV Station, Net2 TV and told viewers to lynch those people whenever they spot them in public because they are the faces of Anas and his blackmailing gang.

Anas has since sued Kennedy Agyapong for defamation and Ken has told Anas to bring it on! He is ready.

Well, for the first time, Anas has replied to Kennedy Agyapong’s accusations and has explained issues surrounding the exposé which has been nicknamed Number 12.

According to Anas, this is not the first time he is being attacked by a politician for doing what he does. He explained that he does not just wake up and pick a camera and go about capturing people. He makes sure these are the last resort in exposing crime before he goes in with his team.

Anas revealed that the entrapment accusations leveled against him are not justified because he never traped Kwesi Nyantakyi with money. He stated that Nynatakyi started talking, showing him how they can easily make money from the GFA the first time they met when he had not even mentioned money. He questioned why some people are angry with this video when that has been the method in other exposé.

And from the video, Nyantakyi mentioned names and drew his master plan to control Ghana for the “Investors” before even the $65,000 was handed to him. Anas stated emphatically that the target was not to investigate any corruption activities by politicians, Nyantaky brought it up.

He also talked about the fact that he welcomes criticisms since it makes him and his team better. He, however, praised the middle class in Ghana and how they protected him by launching #IAmAnas trend to support when Ken ignorantly vowed to expose who he is to the public when he himself doesn’t even know who he is.

He also talked about the rumors that he is an Illuminati member and the occult accusations. In fact, Anas Aremeyaw touched on so many things in his latest exposé.


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