Anti-LGBTQI+ Bill to be laid in Parliament today

The ‘Proper Human Sexual and Ghanaian Family Values Bill’ 2021, is scheduled to be laid in Parliament later today [August 2, 2021].

This will pave the way for a presentation and first reading in the August House.

The Bill is a private members’ legislation sponsored by eight Members of Parliament – seven from the NDC and one from the NPP.

The bill mostly titled the anti-LGBTQ bill, proscribes people of the same sex to engage in sexual activity. People engaged in the act could be fined or jailed for between three to five years.

The bill also has strong support among Ghanaians.

Despite the bill’s general support, some Ghanaians are calling for a review of the document before it gets put to a parliamentary vote.

Human rights lawyer and member of parliament Francis-Xavier Sosu, for one, has concerns.

“You can see for a fact that it has some challenges. Challenges in terms of how to criminalize values and culture of people. Challenges with the kind of sentence regime it seeks to impose particularly at a time that we have all complained about our prisons being choked,” Sosu told reporters in parliament house in Accra.

The draft bill comes on the back of several recent crackdowns on Ghana’s LGBTQ community.


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