Are we really shocked about Anas video?

Are we really shock about Anas video? Is the question I kept on asking myself after watching the video. Sometimes when the usual thing happens and we try to make it look so unusual or disgusting is what always baffles me as a Ghanaian. Anas Aremeyaw Anas has exposed corruption in the Ghana Football Association to the world and we all saw how monies were being taken and the wrong steps are being taken to influence the wish of the givers. But after this video has been aired for the whole Ghana and the world to see.

The thing that I found confusing and hypocritical about most people is that, people actually pretended to be surprised and shocked about the video, I could hear and see on news and on social media platforms how people were expressing how shocked they were after watching the video. The biggest question that I have been trying to ask most Ghanaians who were playing the ostrich about the video is that, Are we really shocked about how Anas is able to get the perpetrators or are we really shocked about the perpetrators taking bribes in the video.

Let’s do a little analysis here about the two issues afore. First of all the approaches Anas uses in the video has no specialty in them because even the common man can also do same if he is been sponsored and provided with the necessary stuffs that he needed to do the job. The reason why I say there is no specialty in his approach is that he is also involved as a main actor which will trigger his perpetrator to be much convinced and participate actively.

The specialty of his approach would have been that, if he was not involved but able to capture his victims, mind you, I am not questioning Anas’ approach per say but I am only questioning the specialty of his approach in context of this write up and the second one that can also make people shock is about seeing someone taking bribe, and I think, that is even commonest crime that we see or do every day and if we do or see this every day then what is the shock about it again. So to me, I see no reason why we should be shock or surprise about the video.

African, for that matter Ghana has been a bosom of corruption even to the extent that those who claim to be fighting it love it. Corruption is something that we talk and complain about. It is something whose negative impact we feel every now and then but the irony and the tragedy at once is that; the complainers or the fighters themselves love it. Our level of corruption in Ghana is too high. I have never seen anyone being reported of trying to bribe anybody until the process goes wrong and we know all these things but we still pretend corruption is strange to us.

Corruption is just like our day to day activities as Africans for that matter Ghanaians, so let’s not pretend to be surprised about the video because we all do it in different ways. Corruption is like a norm in the public sector that everybody goes by. We see public officials spending money, buying luxurious cars and building mansions with corrupt monies from the tax payers money and no body questions them because that seems normally to us…

Suntaa Abudu Ibrahim…
Social Commentator…

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