Aside big backside, Men find women with these traits attractive

Being attractive is a woman’s life’s artwork. She must craft it, hone it and display it with care. When she starts hearing words like – ‘You are a mystery that I want to solve,’ ‘You are difficult but I like a good challenge,’ ‘I’m walking on a tightrope when I’m talking to you,’ ‘You are epic,’ ‘I want to become a confident women like you,’ ‘It is difficult to stay away from your charm,’ she knows that her life’s artwork is complete. She has created a masterpiece. The masterpiece is her. There are a lot of things that make a woman attractive aside huge backside

1. An attractive woman fascinates people. Daily life is harsh and people in this society are oppressed by the roles they have to play. A woman is supposed to carry the weight of civility. She is supposed to want lifelong loyalty, security and commitment. A woman who negates these roles fascinates people. They wonder where her security comes from.

2. An attractive woman is distinguished from other women. She refuses to fit in the labels of a daughter, mother, girlfriend. She is not defined by labels, but by the definition she chooses to give herself. She could be a wife, but still a fantasy for many young boys. She could be a mom, but still a big corporate girl. She could be a professional by day, pursuing passionate pursuits by night. She is a rare thing.

3. An attractive woman is unreasonable. She may be looked upon by the world as a woman who is secondary to men but she is a young, adventurous girl inside and out. Majority of people are bored and an air of adventure and risk attracts them. They feel trapped within the limited roles the society expects them to play. You want to reform such women by what she can do? She can’t change and you can’t reason with her.

4. An attractive woman is an ideal. She represents the qualities which are missing in you. She has that beauty which struggles to come out of you. She has a career which you yearn to make. She has self-confidence on which you are still reading Quora answers. She has maturity to not let anybody bring her down. She has an intensity that makes you fantasize about her. She has it all. She is one deadly woman.

5. An attractive woman is confident. She doesn’t need emotional support. Or financial. She is self-sufficient. She is indifferent about what others are doing, she is only focused on improving herself. The less she needs other people, the more they are drawn to her.

6. An attractive woman is a mystery. She is passionate. Her eyes burn with a fire that refuses to die down. She has an air of spirituality. She goes to meditation retreats. She has a manner of innocence. She refuses to grow up. She has a sense of humor. But she is sarcastic and evil at times. She is a mix of high and low and this ambiguity gets to your head. People are instantly attracted to her as she is more fluid, more free than they are. She has ambiguity, fluidity and freedom that most want for themselves but don’t or can’t have. An attractive woman is calm but the gaze in her eyes disturbs your emotions.

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