Asiedu Nketia in “trouble” for mocking President Akufo-Addo

The General secretary of the National Democratic Congress has been taken to the gutters after making a mockery comment to tarnish the image of the President of Ghana. According to this Johnson Asiedu Nketia; “Has Akuffo Addo grown in Height recently to necessitate purchase of a bigger presidential jet”. 

This statement from him has made a lot of social media users gone wild on him. Most comments indicate that this shouldn’t have come from such a reputable person like Asiedu Nketia. 

This comes after the presidency decided to purchase a new private jet for the office of the President. According to reports, the current presidential jet is having some faults which may not ensure the safety of the president whenever he travels. According to various sources, the plane has had several faults in the air which only took the expert of the pilots and the grace of God to land the plane safely. It has now become a must for the president to get a new private get for the presidency. However, this new private plane is set to be bigger than the current one. This statement from the presidency has not gone well with some individuals who have gone wild on the president. He says there is no need for the president to get bigger plane since the president has not increased in height. Ghanaians have however reacted massively to this and below are some comments made on social media about his statement.

Form the comments above, only few commended what Asiedu Nketia said. However, majority have condemned and blasted him for saying this about the president of Ghana. According to them, it doesn’t show any respect.

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