Asokore Mampong roads constructed before 2016 elections riddled with potholes

Major roads that were rehabilitated within the Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region prior to the 2016 general elections have deteriorated as the streets which experienced facelift have been riddled with gaping potholes.

The development has left road users frustrated.

In the run-up to the 2016 polls, the then government rehabilitated the 10.8km Aboabo to Asokore Mampong road.

The project was supervised by the Urban Roads Department and executed by Attachy Construction Limited at the cost Ghc 4,557,640.20.

The project catered for the patching of potholes, construction of drains, applying asphaltic overlay and providing road furniture and road markings.

There were mixed reactions among residents within the municipality when the project was awarded at that time.

While some residents questioned the timing of the project, others commended the Government at the time for listening to the plight of road users and fixing the deplorable roads in the area.

About two years on, the roads have deteriorated with streets at areas like; Sawaba, Asabi, Buobai and Asokore Mampong developing huge potholes.

Some road users who spoke to Citi News expressed worry over how the roads have gone bad two years after they were rehabilitated.

Road users who ply the Sepe-Timpom to the Asokore Mampong-KUMACA stretch lamented the poor nature of that road and wondered how roads that were fixed before the 2016 elections could develop a lot of potholes.

One of the road users said “This road was just done about two years ago, but look at the road now. They promised that they will do the roads, good, they have done it, but who checked whether they have done it well or not. Today look at it now, our tires are going bad and it is affecting our vehicles”.

Another road user said “The nature of the road is becoming a problem for us. Whenever it rains, this section of the road gets flooded. When that happens, using this stretch becomes very difficult as we bump into the potholes. I have witnessed an instance where a vehicle bumped into one of the potholes. I will say there was a rush in the rehabilitation of the roads because it was approaching elections. The roads have not really been constructed well and the nature of the roads is not helping us. The roads are causing damage to our vehicles. There is another bridge that has not been constructed well and it is also causing the same problem”.

Officials of the Ashanti Regional Urban Roads Department, who will not speak on record, attributed the potholes created on the roads to the perennial flood in the area that is gradually washing away the asphaltic overlay.”

Efforts to also get authorities at the Asokore Mampong Municipal Assembly to speak on the development have not been successful.

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