Attempting To Steal And Stealing

It is highly exasperating and incomprehensible, witnessing prominent personalities and well-informed party surrogates and sympathizers on National TV rationalizing issues that are empirical in nature to the dismay of all viewers and listeners.

As I elaborated in one of my write-ups somewhere else recently, formal education and its relevance to the enhancement of life is an incontrovertible fact.
The banality and absurd on the part of the African elite is that, notwithstanding the array of academic laurels to parade, we paradoxically lose our conscience as a result of being aligned with a political party.

However juicy and innovative a policy is, we (the opposing party) has to unhesitatingly stab it at the back and rebel against it in order to incur the wrath of the citizenry.
What do we gain out of it?

The pendulum of successive governments and their indolence in national issues is a clear recipe, or precarious to the incessant call for strict regimental state of governance in this part of the world.

Something happened, which is a clear indication of wrongdoing but, surprisingly and unashamedly, party faithfuls go all length to do the spiraling, including intermittent political masturbation coming from some
academics and clerics who surfaces to repackage or embellish the scandals with huhudious idiosyncrasies in an attempt to look good in the archives of
the ruling party.

When the WOYOMIZATION and the SADA saga occurred, every single well meaning
Ghanaian, including some NDC faithfuls (except some few) sided with the state to reclaim all the stolen cash, likewise Bus Branding episode.

The AMERI power agreement was tagged to be unfavorable (not because of its HIGH PURCHASE policy, but) because of the tariff being endured by Ghanaians.
Lo and behod! The tides turned and the NPP is in power to right the purported wrongs of the NDC regime only to, rather, aggravate the already broken legs with overblown foolhardy agreement.

Adding sour to injury, party functionaries spearheaded by now promoted overall Director of State Publicities at the Ministry of Information, the indefatigable Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, did the stealthier embellishment to the
scandal. It is extremely annoying, seeing public officials speak with dexterity amidst intransigence In an issue that doesn’t require varsity degree to

Paradoxically, the more they rationalize those heist menaces in an attempt to mollify them, the more they obdurate to the displeasure of Ghanaians.

There is a legal language…….
“Attempting to kill and killing”. To say the man wanted to pull a fast one through Parliament but didn’t succeed therefore there is no wrongdoing is evil and barbaric before God. You chanced upon a male intruder in your bedroom highly charged with his manly  weapon pointing to the sky struggling to rape your spouse.

Upon sighting you, he girded himself and escaped at the skin of the teeth. Because the act didn’t take place so there is no wrongdoing? Is these statement morally, spiritually and emotionally sounding to the ear?

In this part of the world (thank God Rwanda, Botswana, and Tanzania are exception), the citizenry is so much infatuated with topsy turvy partisan acts that are detrimental to the state hence our crawling pace at a time we should be sprintering.

Somewhere else, Agyarko together with all Cabinet accomplices will sequentially face the Special Prosecutor.
No wonder this is Ghana where the SP will forever be on holiday to reigning public officials.
Time Will Tell.


Source: Sammy Ladzekpo

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