Awards scheme can only get better without voting – Evan. IK Aning

The Bobolebobo hitmaker, Evangelist IK Aning has advised award scheme organisers in Ghana to find sponsorship to make their scheme more credible than just over relying on votes to select winners because such system helps the rich artist to always outwit the poor and the up-and-coming artists, and can sometimes be deceptive as well.

He has a simple advice for award scheme organisers “Ask spinners, go to the music shops, speak to market women and finally ask children and you would know who truly deserves an award” he advised.

He revealed this to Kweku Bee Abrante, host of #Hangout with KBA# show on #WizzGh Tv in an exclusive interview.

On the use of his song by the biggest opposition party, Evangelist IK Aning hinted NDC has compensated him.

www.ghananewsalert.com investigations can confirm that a brand new Honda Accord was added to the compensation package given to Evangelist IK Aning.

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