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Ayine and Frank Davies can be friends, but me and Gabby cannot? – Anyidoho asks NDC hypocrites

Founder of the Atta Mills Institute Samuel Koku Anyidoho has expressed shock at the hypocrisy in the National Democratic Congress (NDC).

According to him, the same NDC that has suspended him for having friends in the NPP and singing their praise are the same people who an NPP Lawyer prompted of their use of foul words against the Supreme Court of the Land.

His reaction comes after the apex court of the land cited Dr. Dominic Ayine for contempt and it took the support of Lawyers from the NPP to lessen his punishment by the court.

Koku Reacting to this said “Interesting: an NPP lawyer drew the attention of an NDC lawyer to his wrong choice of words in describing Supreme Court judges? Nice hearing the NDC lawyer eulogise his NPP ally. Yet it is a crime for Koku Anyidoho & Gabby Otchere-Darko to support Arsenal.Such hypocrisy! Shalom”.

The embattled member of the NDC was shocked that some individuals who have good standing in society will sacrifice their integrity over a court case.

“I asked a question last week whether it is the case that people are prepared to lose all their integrity just because of a single court case? Look at what we are witnessing today where people are now begging to eat back their own foul words. Tweaa!!!”

Koku Anyidoho has been suspended by the NDC after a petition was brought before the leadership of the party over his utterances and putting the party in a bad light. He has since been referred to the party’s disciplinary committee.


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