Bad News For Sam George From London; Anti LGBT Bill Finallly Gets Rejected By Angry Protesters

Bad news pending for Sam George and cronies against the LGBT community is that, some Ghanaians in London wants them to be blacklisted for preaching and influencing hate against their brothers and sisters in Ghana.

According to TV3 network, today 23rd October 2021, thousands of angry Ghanaian protesters in Central London who supports the activities of LGBT have rejected the current Anti LGBT bill before Ghana’s Parliament. They gathered signatures and crowned it with a gargantuan protest in Central London.

According to the conveners, they have taken time to study the bill and realised that it’s deficient against human rights and democracy. Just as they have rejected the bill, they want the Ghanaian Parliament to do same.

The group Boldly took to the office of the UK High commission in London’s office to make their point known.

They are also calling on Sam George to channel his energy in a more reasonable dialogue with stakeholders, opposition team and religious bodies to protect the LGBT minority group in Ghana.

What’s your take on this? Let’s get talking.

By: Pen Sound

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