Badu Kobi’s junior pastor ‘slaps’ protestor

A junior pastor of controversial man of God, Prophet Badu Kobi allegedly slapped a protestor at the church premises Sunday.

The incident happened when the protestors who had stormed the church to demand an unqualified apology from the pastor for suggesting that ‘Asante women are greedy, Fante women are foolish, and Ewe women are like doormats’ were prevented by his junior pastors from entering the auditorium.

The victim, Ato Kwamena Mensah in an interview with Adom News’ Isabella Gidiglo Ave said, one of the “angry” junior pastors gave him a dirty slap for daring to enter the church.

“I immediately fell on the floor due to the impact of the slap. I was shocked a pastor could attack me over our peaceful protest” he bemoaned.

This notwithstanding, Isabella reported that the group was able to present their petition to some church elders.

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