‘Badu Kobi’s wife is as foolish as her husband’

Controversial member of parliament Kennedy Ohene Agyapong has descended heavily on the wife of Prophet Badu for defending her husband’s ‘disrespectful’ comments against women.

Furious Kennedy Agyapong stated that Mama Gloria Kobi is as foolish as her husband who is the head pastor of Glorious Wave Church International.

Kennedy Agyapong who is popularly known for his outspoken nature has slammed Prophet Badu Kobi over some ethnocentric comments he made.

He recently stated that he will contract women to severely beat up the man of God and destroy his church properties for such disrespectful and distasteful comments he made about women.

“Badu Kobi has disgraced his wife with his comments but she is also as foolish as her husband. She is the one who is foolish but not Ashanti, Fante or Ewe women. These women are very hardworking, how can you describe them like that? What is his level of education to even conduct research? He is a foolish bastard and I made up my mind to be polite this time but such people you can’t be polite because they won’t listen”, he stated.

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