Bagre Dam spillage soon; move, disaster coming – NADMO warns

The management of the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO) has advised the public, especially those living around river banks, to take precautionary measures as the floodgates of the Bagre Dam will soon be opened in neighbouring Burkina Faso to spill excess water.

The spillage, coupled with expected heavy rainfall next month, is likely to cause havoc in some areas, according to the Northern Regional Director of NADMO, Alhaji Abdallah Hindu.

He said the Bagre Dam is increasingly getting to its full capacity and could be spilled any time soon.

Speaking in an interview with Class News’ regional correspondent, Mohammed Gadafi, Alhaji Hindu said the water level in the dam has risen by 48 per cent. It was 20 per cent as of the same period last year.

“That is so alarming”, he exclaimed, adding: “Very soon, they will like to spill the dam and if we have internal rains, too, then that means there would be floods everywhere”, he stated.

Alhaji Hindu urged those living close to river banks and farmers in flood-prone areas to be cautious and protect their farmlands and properties or move to safer areas.

He said the people must take their safety seriously, as nature cannot be deceived.

“We don’t think of bad things happening or disasters but the problem is, we cannot deceive nature; when it happens that way, there is nothing NADMO can do; the only thing is for us to sympathise with you, take assessment report and the little relief items wouldn’t be enough”, he said.

The NADMO boss said his office would be holding a series of public education and sensitisation programmes in the coming days.

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